Your Startup In Europe? The Time Is NOW!

Budding entrepreneur? Dream of your company office in the heart of the European extravaganza? The land of wine and cheese is now opening its doors in a whole new dimension:innovation. If you dreamt of sipping vin rouge right across the Eiffel while making conversation with many other crème de la crème tech enthusiasts, the time couldn’t have been better. As a spectacular initiative which will most certainly boost #FrenchTech and the European innovation bid, France has launched French Tech: a new entrepreneur visa package for foreign entrepreneurs. This new package enables foreign entrepreneurs to get a work visa, a $14,000-$28,000 grant (€12,500-€25,000) for each team member, free office space in a Parisian incubator, administrative assistance, and many other advantages.

Every six months, 50 entrepreneurs will be awarded this French Tech Ticket and will have the chance to work closely with leading French incubators that will provide them with mentoring, fundraising strategies, expert advice, and pitch practice.

To be eligible, you’ll have to be part of an early stage start-up with plans to develop the business in France. You can have up to three people in your team (with only one French citizen allowed per team), speak English fluently, and be able to relocate to Paris for at least 6 months.


The first batch will start the program in January 2016. The first round of applications closes on September 15th2015.

For more information, refer to the website:

Touché, the timing could not have been better 😉


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